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Creating Art Makes Me Happy!

I am originally from a small town in Minnesota.  I have always drawn and painted, seeking out books at the library when there was no art class in my school.  My parents would bring me to the Minneapolis Institute of Art as a child, and it was such an inspiration for me.  I trained as a commercial artist and worked in freelance, layout and finished artwork in newspaper ads.  This work was very satisfying and I worked until the day my daughter was born when I fell in love with mothering.  While running a licensed daycare I continued freelance work and daily art projects with my children and the daycare children.  My babies are all out of college now and I am renewing my love of of the arts which is so much a part of me.  I share my love of art by volunteering at an assisted living center, teaching drawing to the residents.  What a joy for them and for me!  And now, the Minneapolis Institute of Art sells my line of cards.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my artwork.

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