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Artists, writers and groups who have displayed their artwork and writing at the Maple Grove Arts Center. Please contact them by clicking on their contact information below.

Arbor Lakes Art Fair 2019

Presented By The Maple Grove Arts Center

Hosted by The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes

Maple Grove Arts Center's annual art fair is again hosted by The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes in the beautifully laid out outdoor shopping mall in Maple Grove. The area is safe and secure for both artists and guests with good parking and easy access from I-94.

We will be featuring beautiful photography, ceramics, jewelry, original artwork and many other fine arts and high level crafts. There will be entertainment and food available and a free kids arts event area.

The Maple Grove Arts Center (MGAC) is pleased to announce the Arbor Lakes Art Fair is now open for applications.  It will be located at the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove.

July 13, 2019: 10 am - 6 pm

July 14, 2019: 11 am - 4 pm

Looking to Volunteer at the Fair?  We Need You! Please click here for more details and sign up!

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Arbor Lakes Art Fair Schedule

Saturday, July 13, 2019

6:30 am – 9:30 am      Set up (no set up prior to 6:30 am)

9:30 am – 10:00 am     Hospitality (location TBD)

10:00 am – 6:00 pm     Arbor Lakes Art Fair

6:00 pm                  Shut down/remove valuables for the night

Sunday, July 14, 2019

8:30 am – 10:30 am     Set up (no set up prior to 8:30 am)

11:00 am – 4:00 pm     Arbor Lakes Art Fair

(All booths must be off the street by 7:00 pm)

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Art Activities

Saturday and Sunday there will be a FREE art activity for all ages. Come create a one of a kind collage with colorful paper and foam. Cut, glue, and create!

Details are pending at present.

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Eligibility and Jury Process

The Jury process is open to all fine artists, 18 and older who produce original, visual works of art. A panel of professional jurors from the (The Maple Grove Arts Center will judge your submitted examples based on creativity, design quality, technical artistic skill and presentation.

Artwork must be in one of 14 categories (see Application form) and must have been completed within the last three years. Each artist who wishes to display and sell artwork must be individually juried and pay the jury and exhibition fee. Artwork examples must represent what is actually sold. Non-juried work will be removed.

Submit via email three (3) jpegs examples of your work and one (1) of your booth design. Email photos of your work: For each file, write a description of all artwork shown and its selling price. Painting submissions must list mediums used for each piece. Jewelry submissions must list pieces are handmade purchased items are not accepted. Hand-made fine art or fine craft items are preferred for this fine art fair. The Maple Grove Arts Center and panel of judges reserve the right to accept or reject any application.

The deadline for signed applications, photos and online payments is May 1, 2019.

Maple Grove Arts Center reserves the right to limit the categories of artwork to ensure a balanced and varied event.

Notifications to artists will be on or before May 21, 2019 via email.   If not accepted your booth fee, not jury fee, will be returned to the original funding source.

Cancellation (by vendor) terms:  Jury fee ($25) is non-refundable under any circumstances
Booths are refunded as follows:
Up to 2/28/19 - 50% ($92.50) - 'Early Bird' pricing
From 3/1/19 - 5/1/19 - 25% ($50)
5/2/18 - event weekend - there are no refunds

Application Process

Please complete the online application below and make an online payment via our secure credit payment software. Send 3 images of work and 1 booth set up to:
Also send your completed ST-19 to

Arbor Lakes Art Fair Information

  • Outdoors display spaces are 10’x10’. Artists are required to furnish a white (or light color) fire-retardant tent with canopy, sides and pole weights (the venue is on paved streets). We recommend cement blocks, or other heavy weights on each leg of the tent. Remove dangerous items such as compressed air, hydrogen tanks etc. during the overnight shut down. The tent and all artwork should be exhibited within the display area. Please review ART FAIR Information details. Tents must butt up to each other – no spaces between tents. This is so an emergency vehicle can pass by the tents.
  • The ART FAIR will take place regardless of the weather, unless extraordinary conditions prevail as determined by the Maple Grove Police, EOC and the Maple Grove Art Fair Committee. All artists should provide 2 telephone numbers and must report to the arts center for information about weather or status of the art fair setup.
  • Artists or Artist’s representative must remain in their exhibit area during all open hours, both days of the ART FAIR. When available, ART FAIR volunteers may be used for short periods. No smoking or alcohol allowed in the booths.
  • Artists will retain all proceeds for the sale of their art and are responsible for collecting and reporting appropriate taxes. Artist’s valid Minnesota State Tax ID number must be included on application and displayed clearly at their tent.
  • The exhibit fee is $200.00 for a 10’x10’ space. This fee is returned if not selected by the panel of jurors. Jury fee of $25 is not refundable. Between now and February 28, 2019, entrants will receive an “Early Bird” discount allowing them to apply with $185 booth fee and $25 non refundable jurors fee. After that, all entrants will pay $200/$25. Cancellations before February 28 will receive 50% of their booth fees back (jurors fee is non-refundable. Cancellations between March 1 - May 1st will receive 25% of their booth fees back (juror fee is non-refundable.) All cancellations after May 1st are paid in full and no refunds will be given. Late entries will be taken until May 10, 2019, with an additional $50 late charge added to their $200 booth fee and $25 jurors fee ($275 total.) 

All orange text boxes must contain text for this form to work.  Once completed please press the "I'm an artist" box and then the "Pay Now Via Credit Card" button. - Many thanks!

  • Are You a Returning Artist?::
  • Art Category - tick all relevant::
  • If painting please choose relevant medium::
  • If mixed media please check::


Manual check payments will be accepted with this form

Arbor Lakes Manual Application

correctly filled, together with an ST-19 and your check payable to the Maple Grove Arts Center,  for the full fees. Please also complete and send our manual insurance and release form.

Art Fair 2019 Manual Waiver Form

The images should be sent to

To qualify for the "Early Bird" pricing, your envelope must have been post-marked no later than 2/28/19

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The Business of Art

What is it?

The Business of Art Program is dedicated to helping our community experience fine art in the places they eat, shop and live. The program allows local artists to display a few pieces (depending on space allowed) of their art in businesses around Maple Grove & Osseo. This not only enriches the community and the businesses but also gives local artists a chance to sell their work. All sales will be done through the Maple Grove Art Center, not the business where artwork is displayed. The Maple Grove Arts Center takes a 25% (members) & 40% (non-members) commission for all artwork sold through this program so we can continue to thrive and provide a platform of arts in the Maple Grove community! Artwork will be changed out every 2 - 3 months depending on each individual artist.

Why participate?

By participating your business have the chance to feature & support a local artists work, not only will you be supporting the individual artist but you will be supporting Maple Grove Arts Center & the community. The Business of Art will reach out to your clients & customers (Maple Grove & Osseo Residents) so they can know what we do & who our artists are at the Maple Grove Art Center ! You will generate interest in our program & The Art Center WHILE adding some beautiful artwork in your space!

What will you need to do to prepare?

Choose a space for artwork to be displayed, be present on the day of setup and take down. If you would like to do the hanging that will be up to the business owner but we will have all the tools and materials for the actually hanging & displaying. Artists will also display a bio & business cards as well.

Questions or would you like to get involved?

Please contact Caroline Munro - The Business of Art Program Coordinators at 763.227.8009 or via email at

Ready to get an application going?

Download this form

The Business of Art

Where can you find our artists & businesses already involved?:

Some of the artists are linked to their websites to give examples of their work.

1st Quarter 2018 rotation

Dunn Brothers

7899 Main St N, Maple Grove

Phone: (763) 424-3866

Quarterly Featured Artist:  Andy Clafin

Topline Federal Credit Union

9353 Jefferson Hwy, Maple Grove

Phone: (763) 391-9494

Quarterly Featured Artist:  Jill Van Sickle

Maple Grove Government Center

12800 Arbor Lakes Pkwy N, Maple Grove

Phone: 763-494-6000

Quarterly Featured Artist:   Courtney Weinreis


12915 Weinand Circle, Rogers

Phone: 763-425-1050

Quarterly Featured Artist:   Marc Zapchenk  :   Mark Caselius


7885 Main Street

Maple Grove

MN 55369

Phone:  763-494-5708

Quarterly Featured Artist:  Bev Fishman

Whole Foods

12201 Elm Creek Blvd N, Maple Grove

Phone: 763-416-7300

Quarterly Featured Artist:  Timn Jacobs

Open Art Studio Logo

Open Arts Studio

Are you looking for a fun place to spend a couple of hours painting your favorite subjects with a friend or two?

Meets every Friday from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. Bring your own materials.

We require that you buy an annual membership of Maple Grove Arts Center, which costs $45. This may be purchased online here, or in person via cash or check at the Center when you first attend.

Inquiries to Val Coopet
We meet at Maple Grove Arts Center, 11666 Fountain Drive, Maple Grove, MN 55369
Call 763 370 3003

Writers Studio Logo

Writers Studio

The Writers Studio is a meeting place for aspiring and/or established writers to share ideas, inspire, encourage and motivate each other to write. 

Meeting every Wednesday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, weather permitting.

We require that you buy an annual advocacy of Maple Grove Arts Center, which costs $45. This may be purchased online here, or in person via cash or check at the Center when you first attend.

We have a small but growing library of  writing resource books, which advocates can borrow. 

Writers Group Library List

Call Marj Helmer 1 (612) 759-9787 for details.

Current Members - please click on name for more details

Mary Lundeen

Michelle Jayne

Sybil Swanson

Lise Spence Parsons

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I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficiently prepared or trained for participation in this activity, and have not been advised to not participate by a qualified medical professional. I certify that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude my participation in this activity.

I acknowledge that this Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form will be used by the event holders, sponsors, and organizers of the activity in which I may participate, and that it will govern my actions and responsibilities at said activity.

In consideration of my application and permitting me to participate in this activity, I hereby take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assigns as follows:

(A) I WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE from any and all liability, including but not limited to, liability arising from the negligence or fault of the entities or persons released, for my death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to me including my traveling to and from this activity, THE FOLLOWING ENTITIES OR PERSONS: The Maple Grove Arts Center, (MGAC) and/or their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives, and agents, and the activity holders, sponsors, and volunteers;

(B) INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS, AND PROMISE NOT TO SUE the entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made as a result of participation in this activity, whether caused by the negligence of release or otherwise.

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The Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.


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Participant’s Signature Date Participant’s Name Age
(Please print legibly.)

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Parent/Guardian Signature Date
(If under 18 years old, Parent or Guardian must also sign.)

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