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The Business of Art

What is it?

The Business of Art Program is dedicated to helping our community experience fine art in the places they eat, shop and live. The program allows local artists to display a few pieces (depending on space allowed) of their art in businesses around Maple Grove & Osseo. This not only enriches the community and the businesses but also gives local artists a chance to sell their work. All sales will be done through the Maple Grove Art Center, not the business where artwork is displayed. The Maple Grove Arts Center takes a 25% (members) & 40% (non-members) commission for all artwork sold through this program so we can continue to thrive and provide a platform of arts in the Maple Grove community! Artwork will be changed out every 2 - 3 months depending on each individual artist.

Why participate?

By participating your business have the chance to feature & support a local artists work, not only will you be supporting the individual artist but you will be supporting Maple Grove Arts Center & the community. The Business of Art will reach out to your clients & customers (Maple Grove & Osseo Residents) so they can know what we do & who our artists are at the Maple Grove Art Center ! You will generate interest in our program & The Art Center WHILE adding some beautiful artwork in your space!

What will you need to do to prepare?

Choose a space for artwork to be displayed, be present on the day of setup and take down. If you would like to do the hanging that will be up to the business owner but we will have all the tools and materials for the actually hanging & displaying. Artists will also display a bio & business cards as well.

Questions or would you like to get involved?

Please contact Caroline Munro - The Business of Art Program Coordinators at 763.227.8009 or via email at cmunro@maplegroveartcenter.org

Where can you find our artists & businesses already involved?:

Some of the artists are linked to their websites to give examples of their work.

Dunn Brothers

7899 Main St N, Maple Grove

Phone: (763) 424-3866

Monthly Featured Artist:  Natalie Anderson http://www.inspirationsbynatalie.com

Topline Federal Credit Union

9353 Jefferson Hwy, Maple Grove

Phone: (763) 391-9494

Monthly Featured Artist:  Dianne Merton www.prettypalette2.com

Etica Salon

11202 86th Ave N, Maple Grove

Phone: (763) 494-5074

Monthly Featured Artist:  

No artist currently

Honest-1 Auto Care

6310 Vinewood Ln N, Maple Grove

Phone: 763-515-2158

Monthly Featured Artist:   No artist currently

Z's Smokin' Bones

16362 County Road 30, Maple Grove

Phone: (763) 400-7979

Monthly Featured Artist:    

Maple Grove Government Center

12800 Arbor Lakes Pkwy N, Maple Grove

Phone: 763-494-6000

Monthly Featured Artist:   Marc Zapchenk Marczapchenk.com


12915 Weinand Circle, Rogers

Phone: 763-425-1050

Monthly Featured Artist:   Andy Claflin www.behance.net/gaardianllc Steve Sacks stevesack.net


7885 Main Street

Maple Grove

MN 55369

Phone:  763-494-5708

Monthly Featured Artist:  Bain Lothian www.bainlothianphotographer.com

In Fit

Monthly Featured Artist: 

Whole Foods

12201 Elm Creek Blvd N, Maple Grove

Phone: 763-416-7300

Monthly Featured Artist:  Jimmy Longoria www.jimmylongoria.com

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